For your convenience we have grouped our designs. Simply click on a title or image for more details.

Animal Families

Individual animals interlock to form a family group


Various design themes including our popular tree mirrors, available in various sizes.


These larger pieces are made to order only. They are normally sought after as family heirlooms

Natures Bounty

Various design themes including leaf candles, with leaf pattens matching the tree from which the wood came

Wooden Boxes

Tree Sculptures

Floral Art

Floral arrangements made on natural wood and exotic stones

Writing Sets, Notebooks and Albums

Stunning notebooks, photo albums, writing sets, wedding books, visitor books and much more.


Designer knitted and felted bags


House Names and Numbers

Custom made house names and numbers

Key and Coat Hangers

Custom made to your requirements

Needle Books

Mend, reuse and recycle. A practical solution.

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Privacy Policy